On both Christmas Sunday and Christmas Eve, the text for my messages were taken from John 1:1-18. This section is often referred to as “the Prologue”, which means an introductory discourse.

These verses are not only the introduction to the book of John, they are an introduction to the doctrines of Christ. Theologians consider the Prologue to be one of the most theologically rich sections of the Bible.

With our recent dip into these verses in mind, someone in our church sent me a copy of a poem by D.A. Carson entitled “The Prologue”. For those of you who are not familiar with D.A. Carson, he is widely considered as a Bible scholar of the highest level. His impact has been  extensive and profound.

May his Words concerning the Incarnation of Christ – God in flesh – enrich you thoughts and fill your heart!


The Prologue

Before there was a universe, Before a star or planet, When time had still not yet begun –I scarcely understand it Th’ eternal Word was with his God, God’s very Self-Expression; Th’ eternal Word was God himself –And God had planned redemption. The Word became our flesh and blood –The stuff of his creation –The Word was God, the Word was flesh, Astounding incarnation! But when he came to visit us,We did not recognize him. Although we owed him everything We haughtily despised him. In days gone by God showed himself In grace and truth to Moses; But in the Word of God made flesh Their climax he discloses. For grace and truth in fullness came And showed the Father’s glory When Jesus donned our flesh and died: This is the gospel story. All who delighted in his name, All those who did receive him, All who by grace were born of God, All who in truth believed him – To them he gave a stunning right: Becoming God’s dear children! Here will I stay in grateful trust; Here will I fix my vision. Before there was a universe, Before a star or planet, When time had still not yet begun I scarcely understand it –Th’ eternal Word was with his God, God’s very Self-Expression; Th’ eternal Word was God himself –

And God had planned redemption.

D.A. Carson


A day at the beach is not just time away from our routines
It involves a gratifying array of sensory experiences

The sound of waves rolling onto the beach,
And the cry of gulls

The warmth of the sun on your face,
And refreshing cool breezes

The tangy smell of salt air,
And the drifting smell of boardwalk fried foods or backyard grills

The satisfying pleasure of cold water in a parched mouth,
And the taste of potato chips with your packed sandwiches

The sight of an endless horizon with miniature sails in the distance,
And little shore birds scurrying after departing waves

Anyone can enjoy these sensations,
But for those who know God – it should be so much more

God is the person, whose mind thought up each of these experiences,
And He alone is the One who created us with the senses to enjoy them

God designed all these things along with “every good and perfect gift”

Next time you have a day at the beach,
Make it a time of wonder and worship, as well as rest and relaxation.

Consider the goodness of God, who brought all this wonder into existence,
And contemplate the love which did this for our joy

This is a Person worth Praising,
Worth following,
Worth trusting,
And worth getting to know better!


The river of God is full of water
Refreshing to all who come to it
Life giving to all who satisfy their thirst from it

Renewed are those who rest at its banks
And encamp along its shores
They never find its bed dry or its flow sluggish
Day or night abundance flows

Its origin is heavenly mountains
Its end a measureless ocean
Wisdom is in its pools
Strength surges in its current

Taste sweet waters, refreshing to the weary
Wash in clean waters, which restore the soul
Drink joyful waters, rejuvenating to the burdened
Dive in cool waters, which renew the spirit

Its song calms the agitated and soothes the accused
Its breezes invigorate the overwhelmed and cheer the distressed

Yet, the proud refuse to stop there
They spit out its life giving waters
It has no sweetness on their tongues

The foolish prefer waters they think they own
They favor stagnant pools and dive into muddier ponds
They swallow muddy draughts and say it is satisfying
They drink diseased waters and call them good

Their shores abound with the bones of earlier travelers
Still they pitch their tents and call it a fruit place
They drink their fill and yet wither from thirst

Come, drink living waters, calls the Lord of all good
Wander no more in desert places
Crawl no longer on dry beds

Plunge into the river of God
Be delighted in its clean waters
Live richly in its pleasant gardens

Stay, abide, be home
Live, rest, be fruitful
Drink, be filled, overflow


Kyle Huber July 2015


This weekend I am with those who are grieving the death of a dear friend, Tom Beers.

This is one of those deeply felt losses which leave a ragged and gaping whole in your life.

This has been a season of losing people. Funerals have been far too frequent.

A year ago I wrote a poem from the perspective of believers losing a loved one in the Lord. If grief is touching your life, I hope these words are a balm of comfort.

I miss you

You were there, always

In warmth and knowing

How can I own this absence

Where do I put this sorrow


I know

you are not gone

But you are away

It seems so far

Yet memories are near

And your love is even closer



had been full, for you were in it

Now a gaping space is here

It feels as if there is no way around it

I cannot find my way around it

Maybe for now there isn’t one



of you fall like rain, gentle and steady

Memories are like stands of autumn trees

       proud in their display

 Or summer fields fragrant in bloom

       gathered and shared


One day

you will no longer be far

This hurting is what will be distant

All will be healed

Not patched, but whole and new

New memories will flow, endlessly



you know what angels sound like

You have seen the scars that made you  

       forever free

You have heard His voice

Heard Him say your name


I just took a breath

which means there is one less between

When you, me, He, we

Forever are in the center of all life is   

       meant to be


I miss you

because I love you

Because He loves me,

I only have to miss you for awhile

Kyle Huber 2013


This week is the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision that made abortion a protected “right”

A Song Unfulfilled

Am I the first of more fresh pink faces

Or will I be the one to fill the last of our places

Will I be brash, running in lead of the pack

Or will my path follow a quiet, reflective track


My way might be to please the ear

Sending forth rich flowing sounds, silky and clear

Or color and light may be the wonder I pursue

Capturing shape, shade, line and hue 


Will I with dash and quickness move

A lithe figure causing crowds to approve

Will I uncover mysteries that had always been hidden

Bringing forth understanding no longer unbidden


What will be heard from me, what will be seen

Whose heart will I capture, in whose eyes will I gleam

How deep shall be the footprints at the end of my course

Will my grey years be a display of joy or remorse


Yet it will not be for this world to hear my voice

For the one who carried me, instead made a choice


by Kyle Huber 2013



Beginning sleeping crawling growing learning running wanting

Searching trying finding grabbing having gaining keeping

Struggling unsatisfying wearying decaying failing losing

Intervening descending suffering bleeding dying rising

Believing surrendering praising joining serving sharing

Leaving seeing bowing singing delighting worshipping unending




I have doubted 

    and acted like one who does not believe

I have ignored you

    and pushed you away

I have heard your voice

    and closed my ears

I have chased after things I know you hate

    ugly things which brought sorrow to your heart

I have obsessed over what does not matter

    and minimized you who are everything

Failure and weakness have been my offering

    my best has been coarse

My shame has been as consistent as ocean waves

    my foolishness as bountiful as rain

And Yet

You have never ignored me

    or had me anywhere but in your eyes

You have never rejected me

    or erased my name from Your heart

You have never let go of me

    not for a moment have you loosened your grip

Your love has been lavished on me

    grace has been my fixed companion

I have you always because you chose me

    a mystery, who can comprehend

From eternity you have known me

    despite all, all my sin, you pursued me

For eternity you will always love me

    for you have made me your own

  Kyle Huber 2011