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The earliest photo of my Dad and me

On Sunday, our church will celebrate the 50th anniversary of my father arriving to pastor this congregation.

We will have a grand celebration on Sunday, but I want to share personal reflections on what I have learned from my father, because they are the most important things in life.

Many of the lessons I have listed are truths he has directly told me, while others are observations from his life.


When I think about my dad, it all starts with the gospel. The gospel is what defines how he has spent his adult life. And the gospel is by far the greatest benefit I have received from him.

When you present the gospel it must be kept clear and unobstructed

Keep the gospel before you at all times

The Bible is completely true, dependable, unchanging and applicable to all of life


Preaching is to be taken seriously; there are no shortcuts to preparing properly

Don’t allow secondary responsibilities in church life to get in the way of the primary responsibility of Word ministry

Expositional preaching is healthiest form of preaching for the congregation

When you preach, make sure people can see how what you say is in the Bible, for that is what will build their faith

Pastoral ministry is an honorable calling

Love the Church and love your church

“If you can’t sing well, at least you can sing loud” (this goes back to the days when the pastors led the opening hymn)

Be patient with people in their failures and show graciousness to them

There are Christians with whom you will not agree, but you should still have fellowship with them

Act quickly when sinful discord arises in the church

Make God your defender


Family is important; don’t let those relationships break down

Love your wife and make her your best friend

Discipline and love should not be exclusive of one another

Stand with your friends in their times of difficulty

Makes friends of people when they are abandoned by others

A good meal is a wonderful way to spend time





Ask questions

Reading is important

There are a lot of books, so read the good ones

Work hard and carefully.

Don’t carry out any task half-heartedly

Don’t be afraid to own up to your weaknesses and failures

Confess to those you sin against

God is faithful in the midst of dark days and raging fires

You never retire from serving the Lord




My first blog post was on November 24, 2010. The title was “A Well Rooted Thanksgiving”

Since them I have published 975 articles.

I am thankful for the attention you have given this blog, whether this is your first visit or you have slogged through all 975 of them.

Well Rooted exists to encourage thoughtfulness and exaltation of God who is worthy of our being “well rooted” in him.

Along the way, Well Rooted has slowly grown in its readership. Last year the average daily readership was 415, which encourages me in the value of the time given to maintain the blog. I pray that God keeps expanding the fruitfulness of these articles.

I also post on Twitter regularly to accomplish the same purposes as the blog. If interested you can follow me there @pastorKyleHuber

In 2014 the article that appeared to grab the most overall attention surprised me. It was this article in October “My Courtroom Experience”. Immediately after publishing that article, readership rose significantly for a couple weeks.

The single highest readership day ever was on November 2nd for this article, “What Are You Buying?”. The blog almost reached 1000 readers that day.

The second highest readership day was during the series of articles “Get to Know Your Pastors”. Pat Tedeschi can feel flushed with pride that his article was the post popular.

Please keep reading, and share your comments, that can be instructful to all of us. And if an article is helpful to you, consider sharing it on your favorite social media outlet.


I am on vacation this week. Instead of just leaving you with a blank screen, I will be sharing some old family photos – for those who are interested.

1966:  Eugene Huber ready for ordination (although he had already been serving full time as a pastor for 8 years)


I am on vacation this week. Instead of just leaving you with a blank screen, I will be sharing some old family photos – for those who are interested.

11-28-2011_0201964:  I am contemplating life. This beach was only 50 yards from our house, in Ocean Gate, NJ


I am on vacation this week. Instead of just leaving you with a blank screen, I will be sharing some old family photos – for those who are interested.


1957: Warren & Kappy Huber looking sharp for Easter in Lambertville, NJ


I am on vacation this week. Instead of just leaving you with a blank screen, I will be sharing some old family photos – for those who are interested.

21960: The earliest known photo of me


I am on vacation this week. Instead of just leaving you with a blank screen, I will be sharing some old family photos – for those who are interested.

11955: Gene and Susan Huber, with my brother Warren



Twenty-five years ago, my favorite person in the world became my wife. I loved her a great deal on June, 3rd 1989, but not nearly as much as I do today.

Thank you Debbie for being so faithful to our Lord and to me!

Your adoring husband



Here are the books I found most enjoyable or profitable during 2013. They are not in any particular order, because it would require too much thinking to figure out the order of enjoyment.

If there are any stand out reads for you from last year why not share them with us in the comments section

Supernatural Living for Natural People (studies on Romans 8)  by Ray Ortlund

I first heard Ray Ortlund in October. Since them I am a fan of his preaching and writing. Clear, insightful and greatly encouraging

Escape from Camp 14   by Blaine Harden

Life in North Korea is unknown by the rest of the world. Shin is a young man born in a North Korean labor camp. His story is a shocking view of the depravity and isolation of life in that country.

Sensing Jesus: Life and Ministry as a Human Being by Zack Eswine

We unwittingly try to be “like God” when we think we can  have an answer for every difficulty, be there for every person, and fix every problem. Zack tells us to stop and value how God does use us

The Admirals: the 5 Star Admirals Who Won the War at Sea  by Walter Borneman

For those who are fans of history, WWII or the US Navy. This is an interesting look at the lives of Admirals Nimitz, Halsey, Leahy, and King

First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers  by Loung Ung

A personal history out of the horror of the Khmer Rouge’s bloody tyranny in Cambodia

The Greener Grass Conspiracy  by Stephen Altrogge

A short and enjoyable book on contentment that I’ve read a couple times. I highly recommend it for small group discussion.

Captive in Iran  by Maryam Rostampour & Marziyeh Amirizadeh

This falls under the MUST READ category. Story of two young Iranian women imprisoned for their faith. This is a highly inspiring story!

Titus Groan  by Mervyn Peake

A quirky novel for those who like the highly descriptive style of Charles Dickens. Don’t feel bad if you hate it from the beginning

Jack: A Life of C.S.Lewis  by George Sayer

A good biography for C.S. Lewis fans by a former student and close friend of Lewis

Rome 1960: The Olympics That Changed the World  by David Maraniss

If you are a fan of the Olympics and 20th century history this will be interesting to you

Inside: One Man’s Experience of Prison  by John Hoskison

Join a former British professional golfer who finds himself in prison. Most of us know someone who has been in prison, do we have any idea of what that experience is like?

I Am a Church Member  by Thom Rainer

Another MUST READ to understand what it means to be part of our local church

Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem  by Kevin DeYoung

We are all busy, but is it really a condition that we cannot control? How does our view of God and of life affect our sense of busyness

Multiply: Disciple Making Disciples  by Francis Chan

All disciples are meant to be disciple-makers. This book looks at Why and How

Found In Him  by Elyse Fitzpatrick

One of the most important truths of our salvation is our union with Christ. Elyse Fitzpatrick begins with God’s union with a human nature followed by our union with Christ.


This may not be an actual picture of what I am doing right now, but hopefully it captures the spirit of my activities this week!

THANK YOU for reading and I will be here with a new blog on Monday.