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belarus-2016It is exciting and rewarding to work closely with these young church leaders

How It Began

In January of 1999, I visited the former Soviet Republic of Belarus for the first time in order to teach at the Minsk Bible College.

What I expected to be an interesting one time trip turned into a lifetime love and one of God’s great blessings in my life. God gave me more than a heart for the Bible College; he gave me a passion for the church in Belarus.

Slowly I began to build relationships with pastors in churches throughout Belarus. I saw their struggles and although I couldn’t carry their overwhelming burdens, my heart felt some of the weight.

This shared burden is what led me and Sergei Lukyanov, a church planter and then Director of the Bible College, to establish SEE Global as a means to Support, Encourage and Equip the church in Belarus.

At the same time, the Minsk Bible College was closing. After encouragement from my father, SEE Global decided to take over operation of the college in 2009. It was an intimidating step, but it has been a joy to keep the Bible College alive, and to be in the classroom with the attending students.

Taking a Big New Step

However, Sergei and I both realized there was a greater and more strategic need for training leaders and church planters. This led to the heart wrenching decision to close the Bible College in May, so we can begin a church leaders training program in its place. Unfortunately (at this time) we cannot operate two schools.

In many ways this new school will look similar to the Bible College, but with these significant differences:

 The students will be leaders or leaders in training sent by their churches

The curriculum will contain a strong commitment to practical ministry rooted in solid theology

Churches will send the students and provide a small amount of the tuition to provide more investment and accountability between the church, the student and the school

A healthy philosophy of The Church will be a focal point of the training we provide

The training will have more direct mentoring built into the program than the Bible College

Our heart is to see the gospel spread throughout Belarus (and beyond) through church-planting churches. Over the past 15 years church planting has diminished in Belarus.

We want to see a revival of church planting. But for that to happen, churches need to become church-planting churches, church planters need to be trained, and church plant teams need to be prepared. We hope to assist in each of these areas of urgent need.

Today, I leave on my 25th trip to this land I love.

The main thrust of my visit will be to share the vision for this new school with churches and national church leaders. Please pray that each of these visits will overflow with God’s grace.

In addition I will be spending significant time with two new church plants which are some of the firstfruits of what we pray will be a great work of the Holy Spirit in Belarus that overflows the borders of Belarus.

God has allowed us to have a significant impact on dozens of churches throughout Belarus. Our hearts yearn to see God work beyond what has ever been seen in this part of the world – that his name would be known and glorified!

For those who want to follow along and pray for the specific activities of this trip, I will post updates on Twitter @PastorKyleHuber and Facebook


New Covenant ChurchWith New Covenant Church last year

If this is your first look at our Belarus trip, please visit the post from January 3oth.

Jeff, Steve and I have a combined 30 trips to Belarus! Our hearts are big for this country and we are asking God to use our time well.

If you want to see photos and updates throughout our trip, please follow us on Twitter @PastorKyleHuber, or on Facebook. You can learn more about SEE Global and Belarus on the SEE Global website.

Thank you for following our trip AND for your prayers. These are a precious gift to us!

We arrived in Belarus last Thursday. Here is the schedule for the second week of our trip which you can use as a prayer guide.

Tuesday, Feb 9

Jeff continues teaching his course on Romans. Steve and I are traveling to Stolbtsy. We will meet with the leadership of a great church that has participated in SEE Global training for a couple years. This will be a time of extended fellowship and conversation on church ministry.

Wednesday, Feb 10

Steve and I will hopefully have some time to work on teaching responsibilities coming up this week. Jeff continues to plow through Romans. We will have lunch with Pastor Sergei Drozd who is part of the SEE Global leadership team.

Tonight, Steve will have the pulpit at our sister-church in Gatovo – after a time of feasting. Jeff and I will travel to Borisov and meet with the leadership of the church pastored by Sergei Zhukovski. Sergei works closely with SEE Global.

Thursday, Feb 11

Jeff is probably wondering how he will ever get the rest of Romans finished by tomorrow. Pray for grace. Steve and I continue to connect with as many pastors as we can while we are here. Today we meet with a Pentecostal pastor named Gennady, who has been very supportive of SEE Global.

Friday, Feb 12

One way or another Jeff will finish Romans today. Steve and I will be working on planning with the SEE Global leadership in Belarus.

Saturday, Feb 13

We leave early for SEE Global’s annual Bible conference in Borisov. Steve and I will be speaking along with other pastors. This year the conference theme is “The Mission of the Church”. People from many churches attend this conference which has become quite popular.

Sunday, Feb 14

Steve and I will be preaching in different churches in the morning. Steve will be at Resurrection Church (Sergei Drozd), and I will be at Church of God (Gennady). I guess Jeff gets to choose who he would rather hear.

Tonight, I will have the thrill of preaching for New Covenant Church, which was planted by our partner at SEE Global, Sergei Lukyanov last March. This young church plant is filled with enthusiasm. It is hard to convey the joy I have being with them!

Monday, Feb 15

We head out early for a two day trip to the city of Brest located 4 hours away in the far southwest corner of Belarus. Brest is on the Polish border.

I have been eager for this visit. We are here to be with another new church plant team led by Igor Kanuchka. His sister is the wife of Valery Beza whose is on the SEE Global leadership team. Igor’s wife, Anne was SEE Global’s first secretary until Igor stole her away.

This is a sister-church plant team with New Covenant Church. It is thrilling to see this team come together and prepare to plant a healthy gospel-centered church. We want to encourage and learn how we can be a help to them.

Please pray for this church team!

Tuesday, Feb 16

Our second day in Brest, we are scheduled to visit a traditional Belarusian sauna. The Belarusian sauna includes being “beaten” with birch branches to stimulate the pores. It should be an experience! I think we will skip posting photos – unless they are of Jeff.

Wednesday, Feb 17

We are up at 4:00 a.m. and off to the Minsk airport to begin the long trip home. We will be eager to see our families. The planes never fly fast enough going home.

Pray that God will bring lasting fruit from these two weeks in Belarus. Also ask God to give us energy as we catch up with responsibilities at home after our time away.

BELARUS SCHEDULE (Leaving 2.3.16)

SEE Global staffSEE Global staff during last year’s winter trip

Jeff Galupo and I will be in Belarus from February 3-17. This year we will be joined by Steve Lamm from Grace Church in Santee, CA. Steve is on the Board of SEE Global, which is a mission organization founded by Greentree Church.

If you want to see photos and updates throughout our trip, please follow us on Twitter @PastorKyleHuber, or on Facebook.

You can learn more about SEE Global and Belarus on the SEE Global website.

I have been to Belarus over 20 times since 1999. This is Jeff’s fourth visit. My primary focus will be working with pastors and church planters. Jeff will be teaching the book of Romans at the SEE Global Bible College.

We all would love to have you prayerfully go with us. I will send specific prayer requests on Facebook and Twitter. This schedule of our first week can help direct your prayers as well. I will post our second week’s schedule on Monday, February 8th. Belarus time is 8 hours ahead of our clocks.

Wednesday – Thursday, Feb 3rd and 4th

Our travel to Belarus involves 3 flights covering 5000 miles. We will fly the Atlantic overnight and arrive completely exhausted in Minsk midday. Start your prayers by asking for smooth flights, luggage arrival, and much needed energy, especially during the first few jetlag saturated days

Friday, Feb 5th

I will be teaching a one day course, “What is God Like” at the Bible College. Later in the day we will be meeting with some Belarusian partners about SEE Global starting a new Church Planters School. This is a huge and exciting step for SEE Global. Please pray for wisdom and grace.

Saturday, Feb 6th

I will be teaching at the New Covenant Church training school on the topic of forgiveness, particularly in the context of the local church. This will involve discussion as well as lecture. New Covenant Church was planted last year by Sergei Lukyanov, our partner in Belarus and the co-founder of SEE Global.

Sunday, Feb 7th

Jeff and I will spend Saturday night and all of Sunday with our sister-church in Gatovo. This will be a highlight day filled with a lot of food and great fellowship. Steve will be a couple hours west with their sister church in Slonim.

Monday, Feb 8th

Jeff begins his class at the Bible College. His days will be jammed as he teaches 6 hours per day in order to get though Romans in a week. Ask God to quickly develop a strong connection between Jeff and his students.

Steve and I will be visiting pastors in Nesvich & Novogrudok, which are two of Belarus’ most historically significant towns. These are faithful men who have been struggling for many years to establish churches in their towns. Pray that God will use us to encourage them. Also ask God to bring spiritual fruit to them!

Come back on Monday to get the rest of our schedule



New Covenant Church in Minsk, Belarus sent out this video in praise and celebration for God’s faithfulness and blessing over their first 6 months as a church family.

NCC was planted by Sergei Lukyanov who is my dear friend and co-worker in the gospel.  Sergei and I have worked together in Belarus since 2002, and in 2010 we co-founded SEE Global, which seeks to Support, Encourage and Equip churches and pastors.

This is the third church Sergei has planted (his earlier church plants continue to thrive today), and we praise God that the fruit of this newest work is already evident.

We hope you are encouraged by this video. If you pray regularly for Sergei, New Covenant Church and/or SEE Global, take heart for God is honoring your prayers!


Today, I arrived in Minsk, Belarus for a brief but highly important SEE Global trip

And it is be nice to be here without snow or winter’s chill!

The Main Purpose
I will be teaming up with Allan Sherer from North Hills Community Church in Taylors, South Carolina to present an all day seminar on Saturday.

The topic is Preaching and the audience is a group of pastors in the Minsk region who have agreed to work with SEE Global.This is the same group that attended my seminar on Biblical Leadership in January

The plan at SEE Global is to work with regional groups of pastors for three year periods in order to work at growing in essential areas of church health.

We are thrilled to be working with this highly committed group of churches which includes our sister Church in Gatovo and Sergei Lukyanov’s brand new church plant, New Covenant Church.

Important Decisions
A more challenging purpose over the next couple days is planning for the future of SEE Global’s Bible College in Minsk. The Bible College struggles each year to meet its budget and to have a full load of students (although I must say this year’s class is outstanding).

We may need to find a new location for the College which adds to the challenges before us.

An Exciting Task
Perhaps the most fun aspect of this trip will be to preach on Sunday for Sergei’s new church plant, New Covenant Church. This is an energetic group of young people who have committed to forming a church that will seek to be a church planting church.

I rejoice at the opportunity to worship and fellowship with them!

In addition
I will fill this short supply of days with a visit to our Sister Church in Gatovo, meeting with other pastors and fellowship with staff and leadership of SEE Global in Belarus.

Please ask God to fill these 5 days with wisdom and fruitfulness


A typical village house in Belarus

Now that we are in our third week in Belarus, we can start to see the finish line. It is a joy to be here – but we are also anxious to be home.

However most of all we want to finish the trip well, so we will not become lazy in our final days.

Monday – Tuesday  I will be teaching a two day course at the Bible College on the Person and Character of God

With only a few days left in Belarus, our schedule will get very hectic trying to fit in last minute appointments with the many dear friends I have in this beloved country.

There are also some small group teaching opportunities in churches that Jeff and I may fill in the evenings if time allows.

Wednesday – The day starts at 4:00 a.m. in Minsk. That is 8:00 Tuesday evening back home, but we won’t mind, because we are on our way home.

It is a day that seems to never end. As we fly back across several time zones, our day will have 8 hours added to it.

Please pray for our health. It is not unusual for me to get catch something when I get home. The busy schedule and travel weakens my body’s immune system – plus I am simply exhausted.

Also pray that God will give us wisdom to assess all that we experienced during the past three weeks so we can use it fruitfully for Christ’s kingdom.

Thank you for sharing this trip with us


Silivonets church

The church in Ivanovo. Sergei Silivonets to the left and Vladimir Bukanov from Gatovo to the right

Jeff Galupo and I enter our second week in Belarus. You can see updates each day via Twitter (@PastorKyleHuber) or on Facebook

Highlights from this week’s schedule

In addition to what is currently on the schedule, there will be several more appointments made with pastors and church leaders.

Monday – Jeff teaches Romans at the Bible College.  

I will be meeting with Pastor Igor Prokopov from Good News Church in Minsk. Sergei and I would like to work more closely with him.

We will have dinner in the home of Andrei Malets. Andrei is on staff with SEE Global as Dean of the Bible College

Tuesday – Jeff teaches Romans at the Bible College.  

I am spending time with Sergei Drozd who is on the SEE Global Board and is Pastor of Resurrection Church in Minsk.  

In the evening we will be with the leadership of the church Andrei Malets serves in

Wednesday – Jeff teaches Romans at the Bible College.

I will be having lunch with Gennadyi, who is a Pentecostal pastor who is interested in SEE Global and in helping Sergei with his church plant.

Thursday – Jeff teaches Romans at the Bible College. 

Sergei and I will be touring potential sites for the new church plant. We need a location that will also accommodate the Bible College and SEE Global office. Like most capitol cities, real estate prices and rentals are far more expensive in Minsk than the rest of the country. This is a huge hurdle for us. 

At night we return to Rakov to teach on any subject from Romans that I choose. Not an easy decision to make!

Friday – Jeff teaches Romans at the Bible College.

I will spend the day with the leaders of Sergei’s church plant team.

Saturday – We travel east to Pruzhany to spend the day with Valery and Lidia Okhremuk. Valery and his wife have participated in SEE Global’s retreats fro pastors and wives. He is a pastor in the city of Pruzhany and he oversees churches in the surrounding region

Sunday – We are in Ivanovo with Sergei and Irina Silivonets. These are long time friends who graduated from the Bible College 12 years ago before entering the ministry.

Sergei teaches a course for us at the Bible College and we would like to have him be a region representative for SEE Global and our Network of Healthy Churches.

Our church summer teams have spent time with the Silivonets in Ivanovo on a couple of occasions

Thank you for following Jeff and I in Belarus and praying for us.


SEE Global staff and leadership in Belarus

Yesterday, Jeff Galupo and I hit the ground running for our 18 day trip to Belarus.

I have been coming to Belarus since 1999 and this is Jeff’s third time coming with me.

We have a wide range of ministry activity planned. At the beginning of each week the blog will lay out what is happening that week so you can be praying for us.

If you want to follow along each day, please follow me on Facebook or Twitter (@PastorKyleHuber)

If you want to know more background about Belarus and our ministry involvement here, go to

See Global is the mission organization our church founded in cooperation with church partners in Belarus.

This trip will be different for me in that I am not teaching an intense 1 or 2 week course – that will be Jeff’s job. He will be teaching the book of Romans at the Bible College next week.

My primary focus this trip is twofold:

1.  Work with the leadership team and congregation for new church that Sergei Lukyanov will plant this year

2.  Lay the ground work for creating a new Network of Healthy Churches that will be the primary work of SEE Global in Belarus.

We are beginning with 10-15 pastors who will commit to work with us for the next three years. This will involve coming to Minsk for intense courses and our sending pastors to visit their churches for on location training and encouragement.

Our purpose is to develop healthier churches who will in turn commit to training other pastors and church leaders.

The ultimate goal is to see transformation come to the Church in Belarus, which will include a new movement in church planting as well as sending missionaries out from Belarus to other parts of the world.

Highlights to Guide You Prayers This Week

Tuesday – meeting with Sergei Lukyanov the co-founder of SEE Global for planning. Then we both will meet with Viktar Krutko, who is President of the Baptist Union in Belarus.

In the evening I will teach his young adult Bible Study which has an average attendance of nearly 100 people.

Wednesday – more meetings with Sergei about the church plant and SEE Global’s work with pastors. In the evening we will be with a small group from our sister Church in Gatovo that meets in Minsk

Thursday – on to Nesvich, this is one of the ancient towns in Belarus. Ivan Beza who pastors a church plant there will be part of the initial group in our Network of Healthy Churches.

At night I will be in Rakov. A church there asked me to teach the book of Romans tonight. Yes, the entire book! Jeff said he will bring plenty of snacks and his razor

Friday – This is an exciting day of meeting with and training Sergei’s church plant team!

Saturday – Today will be the first day of training with the pastors who will be in our network of Healthy Churches.

Sunday – We will be with our sister-church in Gatovo all day! It will be a wonderful day of fellowship. It is like coming home to be with them.

On Monday, I will share highlights from next week’s schedule.

Please keep Jeff and me in your prayers!


Sergei (right center) and Valery Beza (left center) will be planting a church together in Minsk

Sergei Lukyanov just landed, and we are asking for your prayers for his time in the U.S. (October 20 – November 17)

Sergei is our ministry partner in Belarus and co-founder with our church of SEE Global, a mission organization that focuses on Belarus, but has recently widened its reach to Muslim ministry in London.

This is an exciting time for SEE Global:

1.  We have a terrific new class at our Bible College in Minsk, Belarus

2.  Sergei is working with an energized leadership team that will be planting a new church with him in Minsk next year

3.  In a few months we will begin a fresh approach to equipping pastors that will involve extensive hands-on-training with a small group of committed men. The idea is to have these men train others and so on.

Would you pray right now for these key areas of SEE Global’s ministry?

Today, Sergei will be traveling with me to the Sovereign Grace Pastor’s Conference in Nashville. In addition to the benefit of the teaching we will hear, we will be connecting with leaders in the areas of pastor training and church planting.

Ask God to help us learn & absorb all that would be good.

At the end of the week, Sergei will head north for a three week swing across New England. He will visit churches that work with SEE Global as well as make connections with pastors who want to know more about SEE Global. 

Pray for Sergei’s energy and that God will use him effectively.

The last week of Sergei’s trip will be spent back in New Jersey. He will be involved in events and services at Greentree and we will be attending a second conference – this one for ministry leaders in churches. This teaching will be helpful for Sergei’s use with his church plant team.

These final days of Sergei’s trip will provide the much needed opportunity for planning in regard to the present and future ministry of SEE Global in Belarus. This relaxed face to face discussion is much better than our usual email and phone contact.

Pray for unified wisdom as we work through the new steps SEE Global is taking in Belarus.


Minsk Bible College 2014

As we welcome a new group of students, this marks the 5th year that SEE Global has operated the Minsk Bible College (SEE Global is the mission organization founded by Greentree Church).

We are excited for God’s faithfulness to sustain us by providing finances when we didn’t know how we would survive (as recently as preparing for this semester), and bring us dedicated students who love the Lord and encourage each of us who are privileged to teach them.

These students want to serve God faithfully, and we want to equip them with a strong biblical and ministry foundation.

Please take a few moments today and pray for this new group of students

Pray for how they will grow in harmony as a class

Pray for how God uses what they learn to transform their lives

Pray for God’s direction in their future service to Him

Pray for those who teach them (two people who were to teach this semester are not able to do so)

Pray that God will meet our financial needs. Even with a bare bones budget we are tight month to month

And Praise God for these young people

For those who attend Greentree, Jeff Galupo will be the teacher our church sends to the Bible College in late January to teach the book of Romans. This will be Jeff’s third teaching trip to Belarus.