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While in Guatemala this week I am giving my readers the gift of connecting you to other people’s blogs!

I once saw an ad for a self-proclaimed “Christian counselor” which had the following  heading:

“When was the last time it was about you?”

That counselor may have been a Christian, but their counsel was certainly not biblical! Many of our problems flow out of the fact that we keep trying to make life about ourselves. Brenda Plank reminds us of this fact in her article “It’s Not About Me” that she wrote for the Crossway Church blog.

Next time you are spending a weekend in Lancaster, look for Crossway Church in Millersburg, PA. Crossway is part of the Sovereign Grace family of churches.




While in Guatemala this week I am giving my readers the gift of connecting you to other people’s blogs!

Hopefully today’s article doesn’t apply to you or anyone you love. However this blog by Ed Welch deals with a growing problem that we should understand, especially if we have young people in our life.




While in Guatemala this week I am giving my readers the gift of connecting you to other people’s blogs!

In this article titled “Christianity Packs Its Office and Leaves the Building”, Jonathan Leeman makes an interesting response to those who say Christianity has no place in public forums, by writing in the voice of Christianity itself.



While in Guatemala this week I am giving my readers the gift of connecting you to other people’s blogs!

Have you ever heard someone in an interview make this unbelievably silly comment, “I don’t have any regrets in life”.  Anyone with honesty and / or sensibility has many regrets. It is part of being flawed people.

Today, I am sending you to the Sovereign Grace Blog to read about “Regrets” in this article by Jon Payne.




(God) who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords,  who alone has immortality, who dwells in unapproachable light, whom no one has ever seen or can see. To him be honor and eternal dominion.   I Timothy 6:15-16 

Theologians describe God as Transcendent.

This means God ‘transcends’ or is ‘beyond’ the limits of our knowledge and experience

God cannot be exaggerated; He is only limited by his perfections

God has no beginning, He never discovers anything and He never uses effort

The expanse of universe and the intricacies of creation, provide mere glimpses of His greatness   

The actions of every creature, the movement of all atoms, and the forces of nature are all known, sustained and contained by God

God has never not known you

Even God’s essential nature baffles us, for He is One God who exists simultaneously as three persons

People are bothered that God and His ways are beyond our grasp.

So they minimize Him into what is comfortable. It comes down to wanting control over our lives, and a transcendent God is definitely not controllable!

So God is transcendent, what difference does it make to us?

The transcendent greatness of God removes the need to fear or be anxious   

Nothing surprises God. He is never worried about anything that worries you 

God is not a little above our problems, He is unstoppable

The transcendence of God means hope always shines

God is not struggling with fulfilling His plan. It is fully accomplished in all but time

The transcendence of God places him beyond accusation

If God is transcendent, what is the basis of doubting or disobeying Him? These become irrational behaviors

In Christ, our life transcends this transient world  

We transcend all our weakness: “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” 1 John 4:4

We transcend the frightening things around us: “we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us” Romans 8:37

We transcend our own failures: “He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion” Philippians 1:6

To follow this God should thrill our hearts!

The transcendent God came down to save us

The transcendent God holds a transcendent eternity for us

In light of what we do know about this God, our biggest disappointment should be any half-heartedness toward Him


Pointing to Chichicastenango on a map of Guatemala

As you read this, Debbie and I are traveling to be with our mission partners in Guatemala. That is unless you sleep in really late, in that case we may already be there.

Our church has partnered with ASELSI (“Equipping the Saints International”), in Chichicastenango, Guatemala for several years. I will be teaching at ASELSI’s Bible Institute and in churches. I also will spend time with a number of pastors with whom I have been building relationships.

Debbie who is a pediatric occupational therapist, is excited to be using her training at ASELSI’s therapy clinic and their Little Lambs School, which is for children with disabilities.

I hope you will follow our time in Guatemala via Twitter or Facebook. You are welcome to friend me or the church on Facebook, and you can find me on Twitter under pastorkylehuber

We appreciate your prayerfully taking this journey with us



by Debbie Huber

“The willingness to be and to have just what God wants us to be and have, nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else, would set our hearts at rest, and we would discover the simpler life, the greater peace.”
― Elisabeth Elliot

A woman in my growth group was suffering a hardship that was far beyond her control. There was nothing she could do to fix or change any part of the situation for good. Her prayer was that she would “Be still”. God had showed her his faithfulness many times in her life and she had learned that taking control of the situation in her way and not through dependence on God had been futile and often counter-productive.  She was demonstrating that God and His provision was the source of peace.

But “being still” is hard!  We are anxious and life gets complicated. We long for a simple life of peace.

Being still doesn’t happen just by saying “OK, God, I am still, now what?”  It is through daily abiding in Him.  Trusting that He gives you what you need for today, not worrying about tomorrow, and being obedient in each small step. Because God has your tomorrows in His hands.

Being still should not just happen when struggles come, but in the times of ease as well. We grow in our trust in Him when He is our daily resting place.  He will prepare us for life’s difficulties.

Life is busy and it is easy to say I will be more consistent in spending time with God when….the children are older; this project at work is done; when the summer comes; etc. But the benefits of being obedient to God today far outweigh the inconveniences of changing something in our schedule.

Be still and content with what God has for you today.  Struggles will still happen but as Elisabeth Elliot said, you will “discover the simpler life, the greater peace.”

Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”


We are all engaged with the surrounding culture on a daily basis. And we all experience being splattered by the ungodly attitudes and lifestyles that are found virtually everywhere we go.

There was a time when our culture consider it a value to hold up shared standards as a matter of respect for one another and for the protection of children who are easily impacted in negative ways by images, words and ideas that they are not yet ready to process. Those days are fading fast.

However we can choose some of the images we consume into our lives. An excellent book in helping us to work out the decisions of what to watch, where to go and what to keep from our eyes and ears is “Worldliness; Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World” by CJ Mahaney. I highly recommend this book for all ages. And it works well for small group discussion.

Another good resource is to read this article by Randy Alcorn. He wrote it in response to a question someone sent him about choosing movies. The principles he gives can be widely applied.

Above all, remember the true goal for every believer is to do everything we can to increasingly love and honor God each day. Our objective is not to please ourselves or to find the lowest threshold acceptable to God for his people. Sadly the later may be practiced by some believers, but it has nothing to do with loving God, sharing his heart or being thankful to him.









This is not a photo, it is a pencil drawing by 16 year old Shania McDonagh who obviously has exceptional talent. After digesting my amazement in examining this portrait, I was struck by a second reason for amazement. God loves to gift us to accomplish wonderful things. We have all been amazed many times by people’s giftedness in music, art, knowledge, writing, athletics, creativity, slight of hand etc.

These people typically have worked very hard to hone their skill, but the foundational reality is that God has gifted them. Not all of us seem to have gifts that are so advanced as to astound family and friends (although our moms and grand-moms seem to think we are quite special).

We would do well to think about being gifted in wider ways than some form of performance. God gifts us in far greater ways than playing a mean fiddle. We have gifts of temperament and character that can make us a source of significant blessing to the people in our lives.

However, my main purpose in this blog is not to delve deeply into how we are gifted. Instead I want to remind us to wonder at the God who gifts us. The wide variety of how God gifts us is an evidence in hoe God delights to put joy and wonder in our lives.

A God who invented sunsets and hummingbirds, and gifted amazing 16 year old artists, is a God worth getting to know better each day.

Shania has won several national art competitions. You can see a close up of the whole drawing, which is named “Coleman” here.