In April, one of the speakers at our Family Equipping Conference was Andy Farmer who is pastor of Community & Care at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, PA.

Andy has just written a book titled “Real Peace”. The peace Andy is referring to is the hardest peace of all to obtain – peace within our soul. Everyone is interested in peace of mind and peace of heart. Andy writes,

“The thing that pushed me to (write) this was my experience in pastoral counseling and care. As I studied peace, I became much more attuned to how people I was meeting with related to it. I began to realize that nearly everyone I talked to, regardless of their situation, was thirsting for something like peace in their lives. . . Even among Christians who are not in difficult struggles, the lack of peace is real. I had a friend ask . . what I was writing on, and when I told her it was peace, she simply sighed, ‘Ahh…I’d love that.’

You can get your copy of Andy’s book at Amazon or through the publisher, Crossway Books

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