My friend Ian McConnell who pastors Grace Church in Philadelphia, has written another excellent article on his Blue Collar Gospel blog.

This article entitled “Life is Mission”, hits right at the center of what we have been trying to make our perspective at Greentree, which is to live life according to God’s agenda. Or as was the theme of this year’s Mission Conference, “Live Life Sent”.

How full and meaningful life becomes when our routine tasks and existing relationships become opportunities for the gospel to live in and through us. Our life may remain ordinary and yet become extraordinary all at the same time! As Ian writes:

“When you view yourself as sent, the mission field expands and the significance of your ordinary black & white moments start to pop-out in missional color. ¬†Loving God, loving others, and the maturing & multiplying of disciples increasingly becomes your ultimate agenda as you do your regular thing. This both simplifies and intensifies our view of mission.”

Ian ends this article with practical ways to alter the way we look at our daily routine. This alone can encourage you to live a God pleasing and eternity affecting life.

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