“Be Faithful” 2 Timothy 2:1-13

Chapter 1 ends with examples of those who either drifted from mission or kept it

Chapter 2 begins with encouraging us to stay faithfully on mission for the gospel

Our faithfulness rests upon God’s “grace” (vs 1-2)

“Be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus” (v1)

Do you want to serve Christ and be faithful? You can!

1.  Grace is a gift

It is not conjured up, or figured out

Sufficient strength is held out to us with an ever flowing abundance

2.  Grace is undeserved not saved for worthy and capable workers

Don’t exalt our failure above God’s commitment of grace

3.  Grace is ‘in Christ’ (v1)

The grace that saves us is equally committed to strengthen and use us

This grace comes to us by the means God has given

1.  God’s Word, the Bible, which is all and perfectly true

Keep reading, pondering and applying God’s word and it will produce fruitfulness

But if we neglect God’s Word or dismiss it, our life will be marred by instability and waste

2.  Biblical community, the church, which is God’s care and support for us

None of us see life clearly enough to ignore biblical community

When we reject these means, we reject the Holy Spirit

He inspired, and speaks through the Bible

He regenerated, and gifted other believers

Resting in God is to be strengthened, rather than to be strong

We don’t have to feel strong, to have all the strength we need

“We have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us” 2 Corinthians 4:7

Our faithfulness applies God’s grace (vs 3-7)

Faithfulness is responsible for using grace, not for obtaining it

To help make his point, Paul gives three word pictures

1.  Be faithful like “a soldier” – and live focused on who we serve

An army’s provision frees soldiers from civilian pursuits

So God’s eternal care, frees us to focus on serving Him

We can be faithful in Jesus’ mission, because God is sovereign and good

2.  Be faithful like “an athlete” – and conform to the rules over us

Imagine a ball game in which players all used their own rules. That is the chaos in which our world increasingly operates!

If we are not serious in living by the Bible, we are not serious about God

We can be faithful in Jesus’ mission, because God’s ways will work

3.  Be faithful like “a farmer” – and work hard to obtain a good harvest

If we know our efforts will produce good things, we will keep at it

Grace brings the strength we need, and produces what we don’t deserve

We can be faithful in Jesus’ mission, because God is the future

Paul introduces these examples in v3 by saying “share in their sufferings”

He is being honest that it is not always easy to fulfill these word pictures

Most of us are committed to sacrifice and hard work in some area of our life. If not Christ, why?

Faithfulness thrives as we keep the focus on Jesus (vs 8-10)

“Remember Jesus Christ” (v8)

When Christ appears in his present glory, every creature will bow in worship (Philippians 2:9-11)

We will fully submit to Jesus one day, if we don’t now, can we say we have a heart for him?

How do we keep Christ in focus?

Exalt him in worship each day   

Keep making the little choices that put him first

Paul concludes this section with a song about faithfulness to Christ and the faithfulness of Christ (vs 11-13)

Faithfulness is what God looks for most; it is how He measures our lives

We cannot make results happen as we serve Christ, but we can be faithful!

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