Depression is widespread

Anxiety is common

Like everyone else, I know what anxiety feels like, but I cannot say that I understand depression.

How do these conditions fit in with what the Bible says about faith, godliness and sin?

What does someone’s struggle with depression say about their spiritual condition – if anything?

Certainly the way we think about God is by far the most important ingredient in how we look at fear, anxiety and depression. Yet, that is not the only factor.

Some of the most famous (and godly) men in church history had long struggles with depression. Even with their depth of biblical knowledge and faith – often these men still did not understand their depression.

Pastor Stephen Altrogge opened up with his own personal struggle with anxiety and his father Mark Altrogge, (also a pastor), added the experience of his wife’s long battle with depression.

Stephen and Mark graciously share their experiences and their responses from a biblical perspective in a series of articles that appeared sometime ago on the blog they co-author, The Blazing Center.

I have listed the articles separately so you can click each individually

Don’t Judge the Depressed

Talking Freely About Depression and Anxiety

Understanding the Workings of Depression and Anxiety

20 Years of Depression

Why Many Christians Don’t Want To Talk About Depression

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