Have you ever disagreed with something done by the leadership of your church?

If you have attended Greentree Church for more than a few weeks, we have probably done something that you questioned, didn’t understand, didn’t like or simply left you scratching your head!

Even though we love our church and we try to be serious about being biblically directed, as leaders we remain flawed and insufficient instruments.

Even when we are acting with correct wisdom, that doesn’t guarantee that every church member is processing their reactions with biblical wisdom.

The church is a gathering of “saints”, but we are all flawed in what we do and how we respond.

For these reasons it is important that in Greentree and every other church, we have a biblical perspective for how to handle questions, conflicts and honest concerns.

Fortunately God “remembers that we are dust”. He gives us grace to work through the struggles we have with one another.

A helpful place to find wisdom for ourselves and life with one another is the Old Testament book of Proverbs.

David Murray offers what he calls two “church transforming” proverbs in this article from the Head, Heart, Hand Blog.

Since we will struggle with one another, it is a wise to know the wisdom God has provided precisely for those moments


  • Laurie says:

    Kyle I wish these articles could be printed and distributed to the congregation since many do not read your blog. This is such a huge problem that is addressed I this article with a simple, biblical view. I have been attending Greentree for 21+ years and have often been tempted to be critical due to “discussions” and “opinions” about “situations” discussed. I am thankful for some good advice you gave me many years ago. “God is our defender, we need not argue or try to convince others”. Mike snd I pray regularly for our (imperfect) pastors and elders to be wise and discerning in all they have to deal with as shepherds of our local flock.

    • Kyle Huber says:

      Laurie, these are definitely truths to continually bring before all of our minds. We fall into word and attitude sins so effortlessly

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