Sports are a big part of life for many people.

And when it comes to our children – sports can easily take over life.

Do you find that the schedule of your children’s activities seems to be running your life?

Have weekends become exhausting blurs of activity rather than a helpful time of rest?

Does your family time exist only in the activities of your children?

Do you spend less time with your church family because of sports activities?

If your answer is a sheepish yes to any of these questions, you will find this article by Todd Hill to be helpful.

Todd brings balanced and encouraging reflections for Christian parents concerning our children in sports. He reminds us of what to watch out for and how to keep in perspective the even greater importance of our family’s commitment to Christ.

As Todd makes clear, sports are not bad; the problem is when these activities become the ruling activity of life.

I hope all parents will take 5 minutes and read “Do Christian Parents Flirt with the Idol of Sports”.

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