“Why we can trust Jesus in everything”

John 14:1-7

Jesus Farewell Discourse is preparing his disciples and us for troubles ahead


Know Jesus is Worthy of Your Trust (v1)

God is always the overarching reality of life

He is un-improvable and altogether perfect

We need to keep comparing our troubles to God! 

If you are thinking ‘I do believe in God’; do you believe enough ‘not to be troubled’?

To ‘believe’ in God is to believe in what he is like – which is to trust him

Jesus adds “believe also in me”

What do we trust about Jesus? (v6)

He is the Way – specifically to salvation, which proves his commitment to us

He is the Truth – many have some truth, but Jesus is complete truth

He is the Life – eternal, full and satisfying life

Since God is a transcendent being, he can seem distant

But Jesus says to ‘know me’ is to ‘know my Father’ (v7)

As God in flesh, Jesus reveals God more fully and more intimately


Know You Have an Eternal Future (vs 2-3)

Our troubles take place on earth, but they all lead to eternity

Enemies swept away; and all troubles with their pain and weariness will disappear

God works in us here and he uses us here, but our goal is not here

We should face our troubles with thoughts of greater glory, because that is our reality 

The image in v2 of Jesus ‘preparing a place’, conveys activity on our behalf

Jesus is preparing to bring us into fellowship with the Father

He presents our future as ‘a room’ in my ‘Father’s house’

The cultural context is of a father adding to the family home to make room for his grown children

The point is not the lavishness of the home; it is our belonging and relationship

God wants to share his eternity with us in his home, to eat at his table and share life with him

To God, every trouble we have is meaningful for eternal reasons

He is not simply aware of your trouble; he is thoughtful and active in them

vs 1-7 declares God is for us, and no trouble we experience indicates otherwise


Know Jesus is Coming For You (vs 3-4)

(1)  He is coming to rescue us:  troubles may seem to drag on, but they are not our destiny

(2)  He is coming to set things right:  justice will come, truth will prevail, and Christ will be exalted

(2)  He is coming to bring us home:  to be with him where it is safe


How Did Jesus Handle Troubles?

We saw in John 13:21 that Jesus at times was troubled 

This shows us that 14:1 has to do with not ‘letting’ trouble capture our ‘hearts’

Jesus had to apply his own words about a troubled heart in Matthew 26:36-44

Jesus was already a man whose thoughts were filled with Father (John 4:34)

Jesus’ prayer contained honesty and submission (vs 36-42)

Jesus prayed with persistence (vs 42-44)

During Jesus’ troubles, he did what he told his disciples

He affirmed his trust in the Father

He looked to the eternal purpose before him (Hebrews 12:2)

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