A Tribute To My Favorite Mother-In-Law

Mother-in-laws have a bad rap!  The title conjours up images of someone who is  overbearing and intrusive.  I can gladly say my mother-in-law is the opposite. 

Eleanor Scott grew up on a dairy farm in Sewell, N.J.  She married a dashing young farmer, William Madara, who worked the peach and apple orchard that his father had before him in Richwood N.J. 

Eleanor and Bill worked hard, served faithfully in their church and loved their neighbors.  Along the way they raised three daughters and a son, who today all bring honor to their parents.  By God’s great mercy I got to marry one of those daughters.   Eleanor has been as supportive a mother-in-law as any husband could have.  She is encouraging, a very good listener and consistently shows she is glad I am part of their family.

In addition to being an example to all mother-in-laws, Eleanor is a terrific grandmother.  Of course she may have an unfair advantage, she owns the CANDY BOX, a store which sells quality chocolates on Lambs Road in Richwood (not far from Rowan Univ).  If you love good chocolate, the truffles are worth the drive!  Well what kids wouldn’t like a grandmother with a candy store in her house.  Actually son-in-laws like the arrangement too.  I have been thankful for the love Eleanor has poured into my children.

Today is Eleanor’s birthday!  Yesterday, we buried her dear brother Bob, who passed from this world on November 24th.  I am sure the sadness from this loss has cast a shadow on what should be a day of celebration for her.  Today I am grateful for the grace that God has placed in Eleanor, and for the grace that continually flows from her.  Eleanor has helped make days wonderful for others, may God give her an especially good day today.  May she know the love God has for her . .  the impact her life has had on others . . and the joy her family has in loving her in return.  Happy Birthday Eleanor!

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