One of the sorrows of living in this world, is that we all seem to make enemies in life. They may not be “I hate your guts and want to ruin your life” type of enemies, but the relationship is soured and they prefer not to interact with us. None of this is what God intended.  One of my favorite thoughts about heaven, is that there will not be ANY conflict or strained relationships there.

As much as possible, we should seek to bring God’s Kingdom values into our practices of life. So how do we respond to our “enemies”?  The Heart and Hand blog has an interesting article entitled “Turn Haters Into Friends, Ask Them For A Favor”. You can read it here


  • cheryl tryer says:

    Absolutely excellent….

    This should be read over and over again

  • cheryl tryer says:

    The act of borrowing a book was practical for the 1700th century. Of course we could still do
    that or perhaps borrow a cookie plate, along with company for a gathering or Bible study or women’s
    coffee gathering. Perhaps, we could improvise, with the times, to break down barriers…

  • cheryl tryer says:

    I wonder why my pre-printed name and E-mail are not on the Leave a
    Reply section with comment

  • cheryl tryer says:

    Is there such a thing as :
    blogg Etiquette.
    there must be and I m missing the course, A friend said, one entry per discussion. I can;t see
    dialogue in one statement (all the time).

    After I try to master this, I’ll be back.

    • Kyle Huber says:

      I don’t see any problem with multiple statements if you have something to say. It is not as if you are keep lots of people who want to comment from doing so.

  • cheryl tryer says:

    Sometimes, it is quite simply, I forgot to say something I may have thought relavant or
    perhaps not, Thoughts don;t always come out the way we mean them to.

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