Some Christians love to argue

When they listen to other Christians talk, you can see the anticipation in their eyes as they hope there are slight differences of opinion they can wrangle over. They view the internet as one of history’s greatest gifts, because it provides endless opportunities for arguments with believers they have never even met.

Certainly there are theological battles worth fighting

However, there is also the question of our motives in these battles. Is this truly for God’s honor or for our pride? Is it love for God and neighbor that gets you into controversy, or is it a proud desire to strut your opinions, flaunt your learning, and see your enemy discomfited?

Does this battle need to be fought?

What is actually being accomplished for Jesus’ Kingdom? From my perspective most battles are in defense of our own kingdom and pride.

Just as importantly is how we treat people as we enter these battles

There are never to be times when we neglect the fruit of the Spirit in how we interact with people! 

At, Jim Hamilton wrote an article entitled, “Do you love controversy or people?” If you find yourself regularly in verbal battles, I hope you will take 5 minutes to read the article and ask God to reveal your own heart to you.

If we truly are concerned with truth, then we must be concerned for it in our heart most of all




The way many Christians treat the book of Revelation it’s almost as if they think it was placed in the Bible to give us all a reason to argue.

Just in case you are not sure – that is not why it was written.

In the big picture, the book of Revelation has a clear and simple message: Christ will be victorious! Everyone who trusts in him will share that victory forever, and everyone who denies him will be condemned forever.

These are serious truths, but they are not complicated.

I know that there are some parts in Revelation that can get us scratching our heads, but that doesn’t change the purpose of Revelation, which is to bring encouragement to the Church throughout its years of earthly struggle.

Eschatology (the study of end times or “last” things) brings disagreement between sincere Christians, but it should also bring shared joy. Wouldn’t it be nice if our shared joy over the “end times” was greater than our disagreements over it?

For this to happen, we simply need to look at the wonderful truths found in Revelation (and the rest of the Bible) that all Christians hold together.

Every true biblical doctrine is meant to strengthen us and lead us to be faithful servants unto our Lord.

Whether or not you like to read, study and discuss Eschatology, let us be reminded that it is simply a subsection in understanding the person and works of Jesus Christ, our King!

I recently discovered the Chris Braun blog – “A Brick in the Valley”. I am happy to guide you to his article entitled “6 Areas of End Times Agreement”. It was a refreshing change of pace for writing on Eschatology.

Methinks Christians would benefit by taking this approach on other areas as well!