What Christian needs to read a book entitled, “How to Walk Into Church”?

Tony Payne, who wrote just that book, thinks all of us need to reflect on the topic.

I heartily agree!

I did miss church my first Sunday on this earth, but after that, my track record is pretty good. I estimate that I have attended nearly 5000 Sunday morning services. If the math doesn’t seem to add up, it’s because I have attended multiple services for decades.

Even after my immersion in Sunday church life, I found “How to Walk Into Church” to be helpful.

Payne’s purpose is to help us to approach church life and specifically church attendance, thoughtfully. And at less than 50 pages, “How to Walk Into Church” is a packed book!

Among the stimulating thoughts:

We should walk into church praying about where to sit.

When does church start?

When does church actually finish?

Whether you have attended 6 church services or 6000, “How to Walk Into Church” will not only help you, it will equip you to encourage other Christians in an age when church attendance is increasingly thoughtless and sporadic.



It is raining today.  I awoke to the sound of it, and immediately had a negative sense about the coming day.  In a moment my attitude gained a slight pale of dreariness.  Thoughts of having to slog through rain as I go about my day, was not a happy thought. 

But it is not just the sight of rain that can impact out attitude and give us a negative perspective for a coming day.  Mondays are notoriously unpopular for reasons everyone knows.  Or we wake up thinking about a task we don’t like and the entire day is affected by that thought.

What if we began our day with thoughts of Christ; of His gospel in our lives; of His unchangeable love toward us; of our privilege to serve Him; of His glorious sovereignty in everything that will make up our day.  How our perspective for the coming day would be – could be – should be different.  As co-heirs with Christ, we always have reason to brush aside the negative moods that so regularly settle upon us. 

Let us set our minds on our good and glorious Savior, who is Ruler over all that exists.  And if glumness has already invaded you day, fight back with the name of Jesus and thoughts of all that He means to you. 

Jesus is worth our having an uplifted perspective; our heart needs that perspective; and so do those who have nothing but dreariness in their lives.  They need to see in us, that their is a hope available for whoever will come to our Jesus!