Today’s blog is not meant to be a smear or a rant against the Roman Catholic Church.

However, what a church teaches and practices shapes its members in ways that have eternal consequences.

In other words – it matters that we get church practices right

To get them right means we must be biblical. There is nothing wrong with traditions “if” they are biblically rooted. But if they are unbiblical, they can become hellish in their affect.

I read this fascinating article by John Piper which presented 7 lessons he learned in a recent trip he made to Europe.

The first point is the one I hope you will take the time to read (the rest is extra credit).  Piper describes the “shackles” that the Roman Catholicism has placed upon millions of people over centuries.

Some of the issues he describes have lessened over the years, but their influence on people remain obstacles to the gospel.

Think about that reality for a moment.

When an institution which claims to be the church actually keeps people in darkness about the gospel, which is the only hope we have for salvation – what spiritual force is truly in charge of it?