Changing world


Do you ever get discouraged after reading the paper, listening to the news or just watching the world from your front door?

Only if you are human

The changes in our culture or perhaps the situations close to home in your life can easily wear down our heart. This is not surprising, because our world is in disarray and mayhem.

I wonder what will happen in the days ahead. Even more alarming to me – what will the world be like when my grandchildren have to navigate it?

In these moments (or longer) of discouragement, I consider what will always be true.

The unchanging goodness and sovereignty of our Lord is the medicine that has been settling disturbed hearts – ever since sin began to create havoc in our world.

Here are some ‘What will always be true’ thoughts for every Christian:

Our Lord Jesus Christ will always be “King of kings and Lord of lords”

Jesus will always be the victor over sin, Satan and death

The gospel will always be “the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes”

We will always have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us

The Word of God will always be true, sufficient and fruitful

Our life in this world will always be the temporary portion and Heaven will always be forever

Our life in Christ’s eternal kingdom will always be wondrously perfect

We will always be “children” and “heirs of God”

We will always be loved by our Heavenly Father as fully as he loves Jesus

Jesus will always love us, as fully as he loves his Heavenly Father

There will always be an eternal “rest” waiting for those who love God

Our destiny will always be glorification

Our Defender will always be greater than

Our Lord will always be better than

Our King will always be wiser than

Our God will always know what to do and when to do it

We will always be in the center of God’s attention and in the palm of his hand

Our hope will always shine more gloriously than the sun

We will always have a response to the disturbances of life

If you have other examples of what will always be true for us as Christians, please share them in Comments.