children’s ministry


“The Focus of our Homes”

1 John 2:15-17

by Paul Long

What is the greatest threat that our children face? The greatest threat that our children face is misplaced love.

In vs 15 John gives us a very clear command, “Do not love the world or the things in the world”


3 reasons for why we should not love the world:

Reason #1  Love for the world crowds out a love for God v 15

It is not possible to be fully devoted to God and have a love and desire for the things in this world.

John defines the world we are not to love as three things:

1. The Desires of the flesh

God created us to have good desires – but our sin distorts those desires so that instead of being fulfilled in a God glorifying way they are pursued in a “me satisfying” way.

2. The Desires of the eyes

Our sinful cravings are activated by what we see.
Your children will see a world that offers them anything. They see a world that lives by one rule, whatever makes you happy is good for you – go after it.

3. Pride in possessions

It is love for what we’ve got and who we are. Life is defined by power, stuff, standing and achievements. How big is your house, and how important is your job? How high have you climbed, what have you accomplished, what makes you such a big deal?

How do each of these aspects of worldly love influence our hearts, homes and the lives of our children?

When we give into sinful desires and pride of life we are not following or obeying God.

Reason #2  The world and its desires will not last v17

Sin will not last. God will judge and punish all sin. If you love the world and if you love sin you will pass away, along with your pursuits.

This world and its sinful desires will not last forever. Yet as Christians we know the end of the story. 1 John 5:4-5

On the cross Jesus conquered sin and death. He rose victoriously and he will return to judge the world. Those who have put their faith in him, by grace will live with him forever in heaven.

Reason #3  When we love God, we get God and his blessings forever v17

To love God is to obey what He says. And to obey what He says is to love Him. John 14:15, 1 John Ch 5:3

For the Christian this world is not our home. This world is passing away but we have an eternal home in heaven with our Savior and our God.

So our goal in parenting should to be help cultivate in our children a love for God

First: we do this be evangelizing our children.

Our children’s greatest need is to know the saving Love of God the Father provided through the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They need to understand and believe the gospel.

Second: we help cultivate love for God in our children by our example.

We are to model a love for God before our children. As a parent where do your affections lie? What do you love? If you were to ask your children, what does mommy or daddy love the most, what would they say? The influence of your life speaks volumes to your children.

Third: we cultivate a love for God through corporate worship and family worship.

Corporate worship is the people of God gathered together to sing, pray and hear from God’s word. A great way you can help your children grow in their love for God is by bringing them to church.

Family worship is gathering your family together to read the Bible and pray.

Donald Whitney is his book on family worship offers these three reminders that help to shape the task of family worship. He says this: Be brief, be regular, be flexible

Fourth: we cultivate a love for God through correction

As we see our children going down a path of following the desires of the world, as parents we are called to correct them. Proverbs 22:6, Hebrews 12:11, Proverbs 22:15

The goal of correction is not to produce good behavior. The goal is to produce a love for God. Therefore our correction should target our children’s hearts.

Finally:  we cultivate a love for God through love for one another

We cannot change our children’s hearts but we can love them well.
Parents let’s do all that we can to raise children that – “Do not love the world or the desires of the world.” Let us raise children that love, serve and obey God.




On Sunday, we are celebrating Children’s Ministry Sunday.

As a pastor, church member, dad and grandparent, I am deeply grateful for every person who serves our church through Children’s Ministry.

I am thankful for the way you love these children, even on days when they are not as lovable.

I am thankful that you demonstrate your devotion to God, even on days when your body is weary and your heart is burdened.

I am thankful for how you share your commitment to God’s Word, even though at times you struggle under it.

I am thankful that you have taken on this role, even though you may feel intimidated and unworthy.

Above all, I am thankful that you bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children who will be changed forever by it!

If you serve in Children’s Ministry may your heart be filled with Joy and Grace as you show up to love these children and young people again this week.

If your children or grandchildren participate in children’s ministry – would you make an effort to thank the teachers who are impacting those you love!

Whether or not you have children in a church classroom, would you ask God to strength these faithful workers and make them fruitful?