Do you have negative thoughts about another believer?

Perhaps they have treated you poorly, or maybe you disagree with something they believe, or with the way they live.

Let’s assume you have a correct perspective about their faults; they should make changes and they should act differently.

You are just in your assessment of what they are lacking.

However there is something more to this picture that should enter into our heart.

Does your perspective toward that believer include consideration of God’s heart toward them?

No one knows the reality of that person better than God. He sees what you see, plus every other word, action and motivation of their heart. In other words, God sees the absolute worst that is in them, because He sees it all and His standards are perfectly pure.

And yet, God not only saved that person, He chose them – He not only accomplished their salvation, He initiated their salvation.

They are never outside of God’s gracious thoughts.

The blood of Jesus that covered your sin, also covers their sin

The burdensome cry of Jesus on the cross included the weight of their guilt, as well as yours

God holds them along with you in His hand and has given them the same promise, to never leave or forsake them

He loves you both with the same love that He has for His Son

The same Holy Spirit lives in both of you forever

Neither of you will ever be apart from God’s eternal grace

God’s commitment to finish His work of sanctification rests on both of your lives

You will both flourish forever in the glorious kingdom of Christ

The fellow believer that is a burr in your heart, is a precious child in God’s heart.

What do you think of that?

From this point on, how will this knowledge affect your attitude toward them and your words about them?