Help from God

What To Do When You Wake Up Feeling Fragile

Maybe you never wake up with a sense of failure and fears that you cannot handle what life is serving on your plate – but I sure do!  There are many reasons why we can feel this way. Some of the reasons are quite specific and justified (we always in over our head and sometimes that makes itself obvious). Other times our sense of dread is vague and goes beyond the reality of our situation and the grace God faithfully weaves through our existence.

Fortunately the answer to this and all other problems, is to start with God. Since He is fully in control, confident, faithful, gracious and good, we can have fresh assurance that the day can be good (i.e. God honoring), even when we are otherwise barely a step beyond clueless about how to manage the multiple spinning plates that are about to come crashing down.

It turns out that the very gifted and fruitful pastor and author, John Piper, wakes up some days feeling like the rest of us who are not nearly as gifted or fruitful. In an article in his Desiring God blog, Pastor Piper shares how he finds help in “crying out” to God as his first response. You can follow this link “What to do when you wake up feeling fragile”.