Life on Mission



Question: What would be the most important use of your life today?

Answer: Be part of what God is doing in people’s lives

God is active and his works are not only wonderful – they are eternal

Nothing compares to what God is doing

Nothing even comes close

Christians want to see their lives to count for God, but (too) many are vague on what that means for them.

Dustin Willis and Aaron Coe help us with their book, “Life on Mission: Joining the Everyday Mission of God”.

“Life on Mission” is filled with clarifying thoughts on what it means for any of us to see everyday life fulfill God’s glorious mission for us.

This is too important to leave as an “I’ll get to it later” priority.

“Our missionary God is not waiting for you or me—He is already at work. And the exciting news is that He invites us to join in His mission of reconciliation.”

Living on mission is not only important, it is immensely satisfying – much more than anything we are doing in its place!

This is something every Christian can do, because it is God’s desire for us, AND He is the one who enables us literally every step of the way.

Take a step toward living on mission, by reading Life on Mission”.