Living water


The river of God is full of water
Refreshing to all who come to it
Life giving to all who satisfy their thirst from it

Renewed are those who rest at its banks
And encamp along its shores
They never find its bed dry or its flow sluggish
Day or night abundance flows

Its origin is heavenly mountains
Its end a measureless ocean
Wisdom is in its pools
Strength surges in its current

Taste sweet waters, refreshing to the weary
Wash in clean waters, which restore the soul
Drink joyful waters, rejuvenating to the burdened
Dive in cool waters, which renew the spirit

Its song calms the agitated and soothes the accused
Its breezes invigorate the overwhelmed and cheer the distressed

Yet, the proud refuse to stop there
They spit out its life giving waters
It has no sweetness on their tongues

The foolish prefer waters they think they own
They favor stagnant pools and dive into muddier ponds
They swallow muddy draughts and say it is satisfying
They drink diseased waters and call them good

Their shores abound with the bones of earlier travelers
Still they pitch their tents and call it a fruit place
They drink their fill and yet wither from thirst

Come, drink living waters, calls the Lord of all good
Wander no more in desert places
Crawl no longer on dry beds

Plunge into the river of God
Be delighted in its clean waters
Live richly in its pleasant gardens

Stay, abide, be home
Live, rest, be fruitful
Drink, be filled, overflow


Kyle Huber July 2015


A Life That Overflows   

Jesus stood up and cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘out of his heart will flow rivers of living water’. Now this he said about the Spirit whom those who believed in him were to receive.”  John 7:37-39

Christ not only saves, he fills

In v37 Jesus is inviting people to believe in him

He often referred to believing as “drinking” or “eating”

This is meant to shows us that belief in him is more than a mere acknowledgement of him

The word of Christ is to rule our lives

The kingdom of Christ is to be our hope

Those who don’t have life in Christ still thirst

They have an essential and unmet need which Christ uniquely satisfies, because he created us be in relationship with him

Our self-rule is unnatural to how God made us

To live apart from Christ is sin, because it corrupts what he made “good”

God hates sin because it ruins life: there are no good cancers and there is no innocent sin

Life in Christ is a return to what living was meant to be

Obedience to him returns our life to what is wise and good

A deeper relationship with Christ provides lasting satisfaction

To share in what Christ does brings the greatest of joys

“But I believe in Christ and my life is not full”

Christ remains glorious in all his character and his works. When we feel empty and dry, Christ has not come up short, we have

The answer to emptiness is a greater pursuit of the One who fills

Christ fills us to be overflowing

Jesus didn’t say “whoever drinks will have their thirst quenched”

This is true, but Jesus took it much further (v38)

God who was eternally satisfied in Himself, overflowed into our lives

We are God’s image bearers; we were created to live beyond ourselves

All rivers have a source; they flow with what they receive

The Holy Spirit is our source

He is all-knowing, unlimited and never overwhelmed

The Spirit is all we ever need and He not only lives in us, He works through us

We are not expected to produce the river, we just flow with it

To be overflowing, we need to be filled

1.  Drink deeply

Trust Christ so completely, that all of your life follows him

All Christians believe, but not as much as we think

We believe in eternity, but still try to find fulfillment in temporal things

We believe God is perfect, but still compromise with His ways

Overflowing is not complicated; keep drinking in and you will overflow

Take the realities of God seriously as if nothing is more real

2.  Keep debris cleared away

The clutter that clogs a stream doesn’t happen in a moment

Debris gathers at edges, which snags more debris, and silt begins to builds up

What is your debris? What forms of sin, neglect and misplaced agendas get in the way?

We deceive selves into thinking we are “functional sinners”; just as there are people who think they are “functional alcoholics”, it simply doesn’t work

Are you discouraged because you have messed up so often?

Although you are not yet completed in your sanctification, you can still overflow!

Rivers don’t all have same breadth, but even a small stream carries fruitfulness

3.  Flow out

Make your life about what Christ is doing

Your life is meant to be far better things than the shallowness of self-satisfaction

You were given new life in order to be part of God’s glorious works! (Ephesians 2:10)

Yet, we sadly settle for less and shrink life to our own desires

What would happen if everyone in our church simply overflowed?

The results would be spectacular!

Do you want your life to be overflowing?  So does God

Stop limiting life to selfishness and lesser things

Pursue Christ who is the fountain of life: strive to know him more intimately and love him more passionately

Be so filled with him, that his works cannot stay within you