We may not know how family members will treat us today or what mood our co-workers will be in when we show up this morning.

Actually, until we step out of bed (and get down a dose of coffee) we don’t know what mood we will be in today.

How sweet to know that God never changes.

His heart does not change, so His heart for you doesn’t change. He will be the same today as He has always been.

This should make us eager to spend a little time with Him (a lot is okay too), because we will find our Heavenly Father already waiting for us – with ears, heart and arms open wide.


Some people never seem to be in a bad mood – then there are the rest of us. Or I should say the overwhelming majority of us.

Many times we can point to a cause for our surliness, but there are an abundance of times when we are stuck in a grumpy pit and don’t even know how we got into it, much less how to get out!

I appreciated this article, “How to Beat that Bad Mood” written by Tim Challies for his blog. Not that I need to read such advice, but I have a lot of “friends” who need to hear it.

Tim’s thoughts are clear and helpful, because he gets right at the source of sour moods and bad attitudes.