Kim and kids pic

by Kim Eaves

I would like to share with you a bit of my story through motherhood. I am the proud mother of twelve children! Five of them are still in my home today. It wasn’t what I had planned but God has a way of answering prayer exceedingly, abundantly, more than we ask.

I didn’t grow up in a Christian home, my parents divorced when I was young and before that they didn’t get along with each other at all. We had absolutely no Christian influence in our lives and our family history was a long list of worldliness and addiction.

I made up my mind at an early age because of what happened at home that I would never get married and that I never wanted to be a mother but then an amazing thing happened. God intervened and changed my life. As the song says “as I ran my hell bound race indifferent to the cost, He looked upon my helpless state and led me to the cross.” He gave me saving faith, and for the first time in my life I began to read His word. I was amazed at how good the Father’s ways are, and how really off track I had been. I saw His version of motherhood and I began to have a longing to be married and to be a mother.

This new found desire led me to marry my high school sweetheart and we both started to pray about having a family. God changed my heart so much that I went from not wanting to be a mother at all, to asking God for the privilege to have many children! It would turn out not to be easy for me to conceive but after consistent and faithful prayer, eight years later, God gave us our first born son, Alec.

After that, as many of you know, because you are part of my story through your prayer for me, I found myself continuing to struggle with infertility. Years went by with what seemed like no answer but God was hearing and He was working an even greater plan. To me it just looked like unanswered prayer and it was a difficult time to remain faithful but it was definitely a time of growth for me because what I could never have known then, but I know now, was that God was making my heart ready for the good gifts He would bring later.

God was planting seeds that would grow into a love, not only for my own children, but to open my heart to mother other people’s children. Seeds take time to grow and after 9 long years God graciously gave us our second child by birth, April.

It was right around this time, through some experiences in our Community Fellowship that we felt like we should get involved with the foster system. Once we saw the need, we just knew we needed to be a part. I knew that although these kids needed mothering, what they needed most was the transforming power of the love of Christ.

Laid before me was the opportunity to be a part of His plan for them. Since that time, I have had the pleasure of mothering 10 foster children. Although it hasn’t been easy, it has been a great joy to be a part of God’s work in their lives through both hands on love and continued prayer.

In November of 2013 after several years of fostering we had the amazing honor of adopting our 8th and 9th foster children Aidan and Alli. Through God’s mercy and direction they became a part of our family permanently, just as if I had given birth to them myself!

Even though my story is not how I would have written it, it is what God has written for me. It is absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t change it.