Nancy Guthrie


Sovereign Grace Women's Weekend

by Debbie Huber

Sovereign Grace Church of Marlton, NJ has invited the women of Greentree to attend a special regional Women’s Weekend Conference with speaker and author Nancy Guthrie.

The theme for this conference is “Oh For Grace To Trust Him More”. Pastor Warren Boettcher and his wife Kim of Sovereign Grace Church are dear friends of Kyle and mine and I am confident that the Greentree women will feel warmly welcomed!

Nancy is a prolific author, Bible study teacher, and international conference speaker. She also offers companionship and biblical insight to the grieving through Respite Retreats that she and her husband, David host for couples who have faced the death of a child, through books and through the GriefShare video series. She has also written a series of books, “Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament”.

I first heard of Nancy Guthrie a few years ago through her testimony that appeared on a blog. Nancy and her husband had two babies born with a rare metabolic disorder who both died before they were six months old. The sadness and suffering that they experienced touched my heart, but her response to this great loss was what stood out to me. She learned that God allows suffering into our lives for a purpose, “instead of running from it, we can embrace it, and look around for God in it”.

Nancy’s message to those who are hurting:

“Instead of urging them to pray away their suffering, I want to encourage them to look for God in the midst of it. If God has allowed suffering into your life, it is for a significant purpose. So rather than just focusing on getting rid of it, seek to discover God’s purpose in your pain, to submit to his plan and his purpose, to please him in how you respond to adversity. You have an incredible opportunity to glorify God just by your simple trust in him during these dark days. He will bring you from the darkness into the light, so look for him in the darkness.”

The conference is November 13-14, 2015. It should be a wonderful weekend of refreshment for us with strong Biblical teaching, worship and time for reflection, as well as food, skits, and prizes. There are a block of hotel rooms available at a discounted rate.

This conference is close enough that you can drive both days to avoid hotel costs. Or you can invite a friend to stay with you and enjoy a ladies fellowship getaway!
Whether you stay over or just attend the teaching, consider someone new in our church you can invite to share the experience with us

You can find out more and register here at our website. Remember the deadline for registration is November 1!


Have you ever come across a boring section of the Bible?

It’s okay, we are all friends here – you can admit it

Among the parts of the Bible that I generally don’t enjoy reading

  • The treatment of uncleanness and skin diseases in Leviticus
  • The repetition in Deuteronomy of what was already recorded in Exodus-Numbers
  • The long oracles of judgment against the nations in Jeremiah

Yet, the Bible is a glorious and purposeful book written – for us! The Bible is devoid of empty or worthless books, paragraphs, sentences, phrases or words.

This doesn’t mean all that is contained in the Bible fun to read, but it helps us to know there are very good reasons for all that it does contain.

What helps make the tedious parts less . . well, tedious – is when we understand why those sections are in the Bible. When we can see their purpose, even these pages gain more traction in our minds and our hearts.

Nancy Guthrie, who is one of my wife’s favorite authors and speakers, wrote this article for the Desiring God Blog entitled, “The Best Things About the Boring Parts of the Bible”.

Nancy lists 10 potentially “boring” sections and tells us why they are there and why they should interest us.

And just so you know, her article is not boring at all!