Need God


That hurt!!  I just bit my tongue.

Every time I do this, I wonder how it happened.

Now, I don’t want you to think I bite my tongue on an hourly, or even daily basis. I looked online and there are people who actually do have a serious problem with biting their tongues, often while sleeping. I don’t have a tongue biting “problem”, and no I am not in denial.

I just wonder why?

At this point in life I should have developed enough coordination to avoid these violent collisions between my incisors and my tongue.

From my tongue’s perspective I would think that fear of being chomped by the surround fence of teeth would be a top priority in every meal. Although with teeth closing in at every side, food being mushed around, liquids being sloshed in, and having to handle the flow of saliva – my tongue does have a complicated task at meal times.

Yet, when my tongue does get hammered, I wonder what specifically fouled up this usually smoothly running procedure. There is never any warning sign, and moments before each mastication disaster, I am under the impression that my mouth is under full operational control.

I am left with this basic fact of my humanity – there is much I don’t know and cannot prevent. Even when I think I am in control, I am vulnerable to a 1001 dangers that I never saw coming.

If I cannot even guarantee my tongue that I can keep it safe while in my own mouth, what makes me think I can stand on my own in anything that truly matters?!

I desperately need God to be my help, my strength, my wisdom, my protection, my guide, and everything else that is important for life in this world, and in the next.

Since I need God for everything in my life, it goes without saying that he is the One I must look to hold the lives of those I love.