Pet peeves



We all have pet peeves, here are some of mine


Coffee served in Styrofoam cups
Once Dunkin Donuts switched from mugs to Styrofoam I never went back (so some pet peeves are good for us)

People who talk in movie theaters
When they sing it’s even worse

The phrase “Each and every”
Each is every

The New York Jets
Actually any professional sports team from New York City qualifies

30 second ads on YouTube
I understand you need to make money, but 30 seconds is too long when I desire immediacy

When people pass you on the interstate and then slow down once they are in front of you

Size 0 and minus sizes in women’s clothing
That’s impossible

Kids standing at bus stops in winter without a coat in order to look cool
You have several coats at home and you’re freezing – that’s just stupid

When software programs ask if you have read and agree to their ‘Terms of Service Agreement’
47 pages of small print legalese, are you serious?

When people post 30 tweets at one time
That’s just annoying


Well, God also has pet peeves

Whenever we know what his Word says, and then disregard it