Spiritual Maturity


stay in love with God

by Debbie Huber

I love to bake. 

Baking is a little more of an exact science than is cooking a main course. With baking, it is important to follow the recipe fairly specifically.

I like recipes that are clear and give lots of specific information so the finished product will look just like the picture on the internet or in the cookbook. It makes the people to whom I serve it happy as well!

I can be a recipe or rule follower when it comes to obedience to God as well. It is so much easier to read “10 specific steps to a godly marriage” and then check it off my list. Won’t it look like the “picture-perfect” marriage then?

But why should I obey God through His word?  Is it just to do the right thing to get the proper end product?  Is it to make others around me happy and have them see me as responsible and doing what is right?

It is good to be responsible and it is good to do what is right, but my motivation should not be for myself. I want to obey God because I love Him and trust Him.

The Bible teaches that genuine love in my heart for God is generated by an awareness of His love for me. And nowhere is the love of God revealed more clearly than in the Gospel.

The more I am captured by God’s amazing love toward me; my heart increasingly burns to do His will and thrives on it.

Why should I submit to the headship of my husband?  Why should I respect Him?  Because I love and trust God.

The more we read and know the glory of God, (His beauty and His greatness), the more satisfied we will be in God alone.  And obeying Him and following Him will be irresistible.