spiritual struggle


A macro shot of a small flower growing out of a crack in dry earth.

Sometimes when I pray, it feels impossible to get a thought out and up to God.

Sometimes when I read my Bible, the words are recognizable, but incoherent.

Sometimes I feel distant from God even when I know it’s impossible for that to be true.

In these times, I usually don’t have an identifiable reason why I feel as I do.

I have spiritually dry days – and so do you.

I have come to believe (at least part of the time) that God sends these days to us. Learning to stay consistent and pursue God in the midst of dryness is one of the ways faith extends its roots.

This still leaves us with the question of what to do during dry seasons!

I found this helpful article by Jason Helopoulos entitled, “When A Christian Feels Dry: A Simple Practice”. And if ever we need simplicity and guidance on something to do – it is when we are feeling dry.

I hope your dry days are few, but when they arrive, it is good to have a plan for how to bring water to our soul.