On Sunday, we are celebrating Children’s Ministry Sunday.

As a pastor, church member, dad and grandparent, I am deeply grateful for every person who serves our church through Children’s Ministry.

I am thankful for the way you love these children, even on days when they are not as lovable.

I am thankful that you demonstrate your devotion to God, even on days when your body is weary and your heart is burdened.

I am thankful for how you share your commitment to God’s Word, even though at times you struggle under it.

I am thankful that you have taken on this role, even though you may feel intimidated and unworthy.

Above all, I am thankful that you bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children who will be changed forever by it!

If you serve in Children’s Ministry may your heart be filled with Joy and Grace as you show up to love these children and young people again this week.

If your children or grandchildren participate in children’s ministry – would you make an effort to thank the teachers who are impacting those you love!

Whether or not you have children in a church classroom, would you ask God to strength these faithful workers and make them fruitful?