The Bible


How sweet are your words to my taste,
    sweeter than honey to my mouth!

                                                        (Psalm 119:103)

The Bible is entirely good.

As Christians, we know it is important to read God’s word. However, we may not be convinced that it is a book filled with sweetness for our souls.

To help us have the proper perspective about reading the Bible, we need to maintain the proper perspective about God and his purpose in giving the Bible to us.

God is entirely good.

Indeed, he is perfect at being good, wise, faithful, and loving. These qualities of God flow through his word which he has given to us.

The intention of God’s word is to reveal what God is like, to show how sinners like us can be reconciled to him, and to guide us into life with him.

Look for the sweetness in God’s Word

To get the most out of reading God’s word, we want to escape reading the Bible as if it’s a form of drudgery.

One of the ways to do this, is to look for the sweetness in God’s word.

 As you read, look for descriptions of God’s glorious character

As you read, look for evidences of God being faithful.

As you read, look for disclosures of God’s intentions for you.

As you read, look for declarations of God’s faithfulness to you.

As you read, look for promises of your future with God.

As you read, look for guidance in becoming more like Jesus, God’s Son.

The Bible is a gritty book, because it tells the truth about sin and its consequences.

The Bible is a challenging book, because God doesn’t accept half-heartedness.

The Bible can be a difficult book, because God’s ways are higher than ours and run opposite of the world.

However, the Bible is also a sweet book, because it contains what our Good Good Father has to say to us.







A new feature I am introducing today on the Well-Rooted Blog is a monthly book recommendation. I have recommended books in past articles, but I have never systematically given book recommendations. My plan is to mention books on the second Wednesday of each month that are approachable and have value to virtually anyone.

Before getting to this month’s recommendation, let me say something about reading. Good books stretch our thoughts and lead us to grow in ways that would not have happened otherwise. If you are not much of a reader, work at reading just a little on a regular basis and see how it affects your knowledge of God and in turn your love for Him.

My recommendation today is a book I have just completed, “Taking God at His Word” by Kevin DeYoung.

Kevin is a brilliant young mind in the church today, yet he is gifted at writing books that are easy to understand. If you like Kevin’s writing, he has several other books for you to try.

The purpose of “Taking God at His Word” is to encourage us in living by the Bible, because it is knowable, necessary and enough for our lives. This is true regardless of the pressures and complexities we face.

Although the authority and value of God’s Word is a central tenant of Christianity, each generation brings new challenges against this fact. Right now there are best selling “Christian” authors who diminish the power and authority of the Bible by claiming the truths within it only need to have the meanings we give to them.

This not only exalts our thinking, it turns God into a friendly servant to our thoughts rather than the God who is Lord over all we think, say and do.

Taking God at His Word will strengthen your reading of the most precious book in existence.