A woman recently asked how she should respond to an accusation that we have all heard in various forms:

All religions are the same

There are many ways to God

No one can say they have the truth

How can you speak for God?

Here is a synopsis of my answer to her:

If God exists, then it is completely unreasonable to think that He has not communicated Himself to us. If God is wise and good, then it is beyond doubt that He has communicated in a way that is obvious and clear.

As people, we don’t want to be misunderstood. In fact, we become offended if we hear that someone is misrepresenting our thoughts, feelings, values, and opinions.

If clarity about who we are is important to us, how much more is this true for God. Having people get the truth right about ourselves is usually simply a matter of our pride. But getting the truth right about God is about our eternity!

In the end, it is ridiculous to admit that God exists, but then deny that anyone can know the truth about him. It is equally absurd to question whether there is a clear truth about him.

This leaves us with the question of how can we know the truth about God.

Many people in our world speak as if they can simply derive what God is like and what He will do from within their own mind. The problems with this are many.

How can anyone know what is in the mind of someone they have never met?

How can we determine the values and thinking of a Being who is eternal and transcendent?

What God will or will not do is certainly not bound or compelled by our opinions

The essential question is not, has God spoken?  It is how has God revealed himself?

The truths of God are first revealed in His written Word, the Bible. When it comes to the trustworthiness of the Bible, there is no religious book that can come near to its veracity.

God is revealed secondly, in the incarnation of His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus’ trustworthiness as God in flesh was verified when He arose from the dead, demonstrating His authority and power.

If there is truth about God that you don’t know – do you want to know it?

Are you willing to ask God to reveal Himself to you?

Are you willing to read the Bible and allow it to speak to you?

Are you willing to call upon Christ to lead your life?

Are you willing to respond to the reality God gives you?



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The true Christian community (those who believe the Creator God gave us his Word, which is the final authority on everything) has been rightly disturbed by those in our culture who want to erase God’s lines and allow truth to become what they want it to be.

The biggest area in which lines are being confused is that of sexual identity and transgender fluidity.

But now, the transgender community is flustered because someone dares to go beyond even their tangled lines of identity.

Paul Wolscht is a 52 year old Canadian man with a wife and seven children. But now Paul says his true identity is Stefonkee. And (Paul) says that Stefonkee is not only a female, she is a 6 year old girl.

As a six year old girl, Stefonkee is not interested in a gay marriage, he (I’m sticking with what God made) says he needed a new “mommy and daddy” to take care of him as a little girl. His new adoptive mommy and daddy are supportive of his dressing as a little girl and playing with dolls.

Well, the transgender movement is outraged! Stefonkee is making a mockery of being a transgender person, by throwing in his age confusion issue (transageism). I guess they think his age confusion issues are silly.

In this excellent article on the story, Carl Trueman accuses the transgender movement of “whining like a bunch of, ahem, six year old girls” (pun fully intended).

The homosexual and transgender community have wanted to erase God’s lines. But now they are angry, because once the lines are gone – once truth is no longer concrete – anything, literally anything goes.

Perhaps God knows what He is doing after all.


We Have Life-Saving-Truth

by Debbie Huber

Recently while attending a banquet I heard someone at my table say, “look over there, someone is receiving the Heimlich Maneuver.”  Without thought or hesitation, I found myself at the side of this person ready to provide that life-saving assistance. 

As part of my job as an occupational therapist, I am trained and re-certified in CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver on a regular basis. Because we are retrained in the same techniques over and over, I was able to react without hesitation in a life threatening situation. Fortunately, the person in distress ended up being fine.

This situation made me ponder how I react with the life-saving truths of the gospel.

Everywhere I go there are people who are in great danger of being separated from God for eternity and I have the life-saving help for them!

Every day, we face situations such as difficult relationships with family or coworkers, children who cause heartache, financial stresses, broken down cars or appliances, the monotony of a job we do not like.  How does the gospel impact how we react in everyday situations?

The life-changing truth of the gospel can often seem separated from daily reality. But daily speaking the gospel to ourselves helps it to soak into our hearts so that it overflows to the point where the lavish, amazing, undeserved love of our Savior impacts every situation without hesitation.

Take the time everyday to thank God that through His death and resurrection you now have eternal life!  What an amazing reality that we were spiritually dead in our sins with no hope but that Jesus loves us so much that he snatched us from the grip of death and eternal separation from Him.

We are entrusted with this life saving knowledge of the gospel and if we do not share it, it is like knowing the Heimlich Maneuver and being afraid to use it because we might offend someone.

And when this life-transforming gospel is ingrained in our thoughts, it can’t help but overflow into our circumstances.  It transforms the words that come out of our mouths, our reactions and the way we view things, even when the circumstances do not change.

I Thessalonians 2:4 tells us “but just as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not to please man, but to please God who tests our hearts.”

We are entrusted with the gospel to speak it, to ourselves and to others, because this Gospel changes lives for eternity.


Romans 16:27 describes God as “the only wise God”

. . . God is not simply wiser,

. . . or the wisest,

. . . He alone is wise!

  If God is not “alone” wise, we can justify looking elsewhere for the rest of wisdom

All wisdom begins with God, because God began everything (Proverbs 3:19). It is not possible to understand how life works apart from the wisdom of God (Proverbs 9:10). To reject God as the source of wisdom is to reject wisdom itself.

Although men knew God, they did not glorify him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools  Romans 1:21-22

But what about people who disregard God and yet appear to have wisdom and prosper by it?  We need to ask what standard we are using to measure their wisdom and prosperity. Whatever shrewdness they have will eventually fail. When they leave this world their wisdom will prove meaningless. Even now, whatever insights they have, are mixed with deception

We will never appreciate God’s wisdom unless we have an eternal perspective

This is one reason why the world doesn’t see wisdom in God’s ways. The great measure of wisdom today is what it produces in eternity, because eternity is obviously most of our life. Our lifetime on earth last less than a single beat of a hummingbird’s wing compared to our life to come

People around us may have more knowledge than you, but the truth of the gospel makes us wiser than the world’s most brilliant stars. The proof is that the world’s wisdom never brings people closer to God. Yet even with a limited mind, we can have life forever with Jesus!

Nothing will protect us more than the truth found in God’s word. If we live by God’s wisdom, we don’t have to figure everything out. We may not know how God’s wisdom will always work, but we are confident God does. What rest and peace we have, when our life is focused on trust and obey

Applying God’s wisdom will benefit every aspect of life, because God’s wisdom designed how every aspect of life works

Applying God’s wisdom will protect us from the brokenness of foolish decisions. Life has its share of burdens, why add to them by ignoring God’s word

Applying God’s wisdom will bring fulfillment in every area we use it, because we are bringing perfect and eternal truth into our life

Applying God’s wisdom will give us peace of mind even when we are surrounded uncertainties, because God is never uncertain

We all follow someone’s wisdom – whose wisdom will it be?



It’s become old news.

Younger generations are increasingly less interested in religion or the Church.

The Church has certainly noticed and there are many people who think they have the answer. Unfortunately, many of the answers are almost as bad as the problem itself.

I appreciated this article on the Aspen Group Blog, because it points out that the answer is NOT found in having pastors who are more “hip”. That news alone should cause all of Greentree Church to let out a sigh of relief. If our pastors had to be more hip – it would not be a pretty sight.

Thankfully, the author points this out in the article’s title, “Millennials Need a Bigger God, Not a Hipper Pastor”.

What should encourage us is that God has not been caught off guard by generational or cultural changes. And His Word was written knowing all of the variables that would take place over the years since it was first given.

Despite the real challenges faced by the Church in this (and every) generation, we have these encouragements:

The God we worship is working wondrously in every generation

God’s Word, which guides us is true for every generation

The Gospel which saves is sufficient for every generation

The Spirit who is all we need is with every believer in every generation

The Church we serve will prevail and bear fruit in every generation

People in this generation or any generation to follow, don’t need new truths about God, they need to clearly see the eternal truths about God.

False ideas about God will never work, and biblical teaching will never go out of style!