Unbiblical methods


There is no lack of methods offered to help us bring change to our life.

It is true that some of these methods can help us and make us feel better for a time.

But in the end the only way to make lasting and fruitful change is to address our soul.  We must act on the heart issues involved.

We cannot expect the world to appreciate this assessment, because God has the smallest of roles in their thinking. They certainly don’t see God’s rule as a central life issue.

However, unless God’s rule over us is the central issue, we will never see problems as being sin based.

It is impossible to solve life problems if we are unwilling to address the root cause

Paul Tautges briefly looks at what he calls “Six Unbiblical Methods for Change” in this article.

Notice that Paul does not fully condemn each of these methods as having no place in helping us (although for some that is true).

Rather his point is that we cannot fully answer life problems apart from a biblical perspective.  Even a method that is partially biblical will still fall short.

Unfortunately the church is becoming increasingly satisfied with partially biblical answers.

Do we really think God accepts that approach?

What we think works should not be our standard of acceptability. We are to look for what God declares to be the answer.