Unchanging God


We may not know how family members will treat us today or what mood our co-workers will be in when we show up this morning.

Actually, until we step out of bed (and get down a dose of coffee) we don’t know what mood we will be in today.

How sweet to know that God never changes.

His heart does not change, so His heart for you doesn’t change. He will be the same today as He has always been.

This should make us eager to spend a little time with Him (a lot is okay too), because we will find our Heavenly Father already waiting for us – with ears, heart and arms open wide.


This week’s segment on hope was going to be the final article in a 5 part series on hope. Instead, today’s article on Living Hopefully has turned into more as we will look separately at three pictures of biblical hope.

So if you have liked this series on Hope, you have two more Tuesdays to enjoy it.

Biblical Hope Acts as an Anchor

“This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast” (Hebrews 6:19)

Our hope is in the person and promise of God who is unchanging  

Living Hopefully means we are confident in the stability of being held in the arms of the sovereign, perfect, gracious and unchanging God

In contrast to biblical hope, the hopes of the world are all subject to the swirling forces around us. If biblical hope is like an “anchor”, the world’s hopes are like floating debris – it holds to nothing that is stable.    

We put this hope into action by embracing the wise and good commands of this unchanging God:

“To set our hope in God is to keep his commandments”

(Psalm 78:7)

There is no hope in anything that ignores God or rebels against him, because he is the only source of real hope.

Sin, whether it is through commission or omission, is by definition to depart from God – how can we expect anything stable or good to come from that?  

Stability is not in saying; “I don’t sin as much as I used to”, it is found in pursuing God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.

As we put the truths and commands of God into action, our life is increasingly filled with hopefulness, because we are confident they are best for us, and they will never fail us.

God is the One who has put himself forward as our anchor. This is his claim and we can trust him in it. When our entire life rests on the promise of God, there is nothing to disrupt our hope.