Vacation season is upon us, and whether or not this is when you are on the road, it is a good time to consider how we honor God while we travel.

Sam Bierig encourages us in this article to make sure we don’t allow excuses to keep us from being in church when we are away.

I will add two other areas we should not let slip during vacations.

Giving – the expenses of your church don’t diminish when you are on vacation. Make sure you remain supportive of your church family whenever you cannot attend a service.

If you don’t give regularly to your church during the rest of the year, keep this in mind: you expect your church to be faithful in its ministry to you, so you should be faithful in making that ministry possible. 

Devotional time – vacation definitely flips over our regular schedule, which is the point of going on vacation! Still, have meaningful engagement with God.

Vacations are meant to be relaxing, but we have all experienced vacations turning into times of frustration. We need our hearts equipped by God wherever we are. God is worthy of living for him in all situations – including the times of getting away, which he graciously makes possible for us.

When you go away to be refreshed, keep in mind that meaningful time with our good God is refreshing.


Thank you for reading the Well-Rooted Blog. I hope it is a meaningful help to you.

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This month has been very busy with travel.  At one stretch I slept in nine different beds over the course of twelve nights. Last week was originally planned to be a quiet stay at home week of vacation.  Hurricane Irene changed those plans. After two nights home we had to leave again when our entire county was told to evacuate. I talked with Debbie and we decided to use that time as a family get away. Thursday night we packed and left late for Lancaster, PA. God’s timing was perfect once again, on Tuesday we received a large rebate check which padded our vacation fund and made it possible to go away and not worry about the financial drain.

It was a great time of family relaxation, just what we had been missing over the past month. Elyse who is entering her junior year at Ocean City High School had wanted to visit Lancaster Bible College, so this was the perfect opportunity. We ate our way through Kitchen Kettle Village, drove scenic roads, took advantage of Borders going out of business sale, watched movies, played games, sat in the whirlpool and read books. I finally felt refreshed and “on vay-cay”.

Most of my reading was on the New Testament Book of Acts. I decided a couple weeks ago to begin preaching on this book in September. Over the past nine months the pastors of Greentree Church have been seeking to assess ourselves and the ministry of our church. The bottom line is that we want to cause all that we do to be as faithful and effective as possible in fulfilling Christ’s values for us. As I pondered how my preaching could help lead us, the idea of preaching through Acts became stronger. The more I read through Acts and read books on Acts, I became very excited for this series. Acts describes the church in the years immediately following Jesus death, resurrection and earthly ministry. This book is meant to bring a framework to the heart and values of the church. If you are part of Greentree Church, PLEASE PRAY that God will greatly bless this series and use it in an unusual way in our congregation. The heart of God is clear, the challenge is whether or not we will wholly embrace God’s heart for our own lives.

When we got home today, everything was still standing, the electricity was back on and I was eager to get hold of what God has been putting in my heart and in the hearts of the pastors of our church. I know the storm was a terrible and destructive burden to many. Yet for each of us, God is always in everything that comes our way. Our responsibility and our blessing is to make each day about Him. Over the past week, I have been reminded of that simple lesson once again.